Activities & Education

At present your child will be taught in English. However your child will be taught appropriate Welsh language in line with the foundation phase.

Below is a list of SOME of the activities that your child will participate in when they are approximately three years old.

Mathematical Development

Weighing, recognising of numbers, counting, sorting, matching, sequencing, mathematical language, (e.g.
big, small, more, less), number rhymes and songs etc, etc.

Language, Literacy and Communication

Circle time, “Talking Ted”, letter sounds and recognition, stories, rhymes, basic mark making etc, etc.
Teaching Talking/One step programmes.

Creative Development

Painting, chalking, collage, playdough, junk modelling, sticking, music and drama etc, etc.

Knowledge and Understanding of the world

Basic computer skills, cutting and joining, cookery, small world activities (e.g. town and countryside) etc, etc.

Personal and Social Development, Well being and Cultural Diversity

Home corner activities, puppets and persona doll, etc, etc.   

Physical development

Opportunities to move confidently with increasing control and co-ordination. Opportunities to develop fine and gross motor development.

Welsh Language Development

Children are encouraged to respond to simple instructions in Welsh.
To learn to count and to recognise colours in Welsh.
To recall Welsh songs and poems.
To learn about Welsh culture.

We made clay divas for Diwali
We are getting the soil ready for planting